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Lovely Limitations

Label reads
Trusting the seller
A message so clearly
Intent on creating calm
Belief in goodness
No harm will befall
Promises of faith
Love always,
From beloved mouths
Years later discovering
A stranger’s declaration
Has value in truth
No more, no less than
The someone
Once thought
Would only part
Upon death
Words and deeds
Truths at an outset
Will give rise to
Painful expectations
And perspective’s


We like to say someday I will do this or that
I said last evening immediately before falling
Into a dreamy sleep, to the love of my life
Someday, maybe tomorrow while on my walk
I will leave a message on the doorstep of
That kind lady down the street with the yard
Full of flowers and humming bird feeders
Nothing like you think a message should look
I will bake it as three layers, rich, dark, chocolate
Frosted in creamy waves of silky ebony sweetness
Not a birthday message, simply a message of thought
Left in a white box with a bright blue ribbon, delivered
With only the note…You are special and appreciated
Each one is special, some not knowing this truth
As well as others, while others know it not at all
Good day or a bad day everyone should know
They are appreciated for the beauty they bring
To those of us who don’t grow flowers so well
And forget to fill our bird feeders and quietly
Rely on the kind people with the lovely yards
That make a morning’s walk a tour of grace
Today, not tomorrow, should always be that someday

The Voicemail of a Stranger

Nowadays phones flash names
In silent warnings announcing
The hoped for, the unexpected,
Sometimes the feared, the dreaded
What is my mood, what is the time
Is there desire in committing
Effort to a voice, to listen, respond
Appropriately, kindly, with patience
To a voice, with nuances and feelings
Sending a message is quicker, easier
Unlimited, unstamped instant notes
Abbreviated by sound, to save space

Today though, a number without a name
No recognition to who this person
Could be, calling me in the morning
Allowing voicemail to give notice to
This stranger, that I am busy and
Will respond when the inclination
Suits my schedule, a save it for later
The day is long, tedious, lacking
In everything but frustration
As I clear the memory of the day
From my phone, from my thoughts
I listen to the gentle voice of a stranger
That unimportant call this morning
The mystery number that held no distinction

Now, at the end of my day, generously
Thanking me for leaving a note on his car
Accidents happen he says, then apologizing
For not thanking me sooner for honesty
That in this world is not so frequent
I was on vacation when you hit my car
In that parking lot and left the Post-it
He repeats in gratitude again, I
Should have called you sooner
No, I think this was the perfect time
This gift of voice from a stranger, who
On vacation came back to that
Parking spot to find my gift of a dent
Adorned in a fluorescent green Post-it


Row upon row these
Grey mossy sentries
Pock marked keepers
In an unemotional
Salute to the dead
The facts listed by
A long ago arduous method
Saving space, time, effort
The chiseler’s tired hand
Chipping a three letter
Wishful farewell, a likely
Homonym that life
Taken away is just that
Severing without care
Exposing the heart’s
Delicate vulnerability
When the attachment to
Another’s soul requires
Acknowledgment of existence
These tired monuments
Leaning like friends
In an effort to hear
A whisper from
The ground below
The only message
To the Dead
More for the Living
Rest In Peace