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D-Man and His Daughter

For a father and his daughter; working together -Programmer and Designer.
Sorry DM…no rhymes!

A violin playing gentle man
Appearing gruff, hesitant
Fluorescent yellow soda
caffeine, in hand, making
Nicotine circles looking
To the west for a change
In the weather, always a chuckle

A daughter lovely indeed
Her angel wings
Invisible to the naked eye
Quiet rescue abundantly given
Sometimes requested,
Sometimes simply a gift
Our Two lucky charms

Perfect sense they
Parent and child
Unspoken pride seen
In the crooked smile
Upon reference
To the other
Understood affection

Designers of dreams
Colors images and codes
Talents shared to
Provide experiences
Magic not understood
Fixing, creating
Appreciating both, always

A Holiday Walk

I follow the dried up creek bed
While heading to my usual place of pause
It is worn, almost forgotten,
Except for the teetering old four by four
Precariously hoisted across it I imagine
By a threesome of adventurous boys
This tired limestone slab stairway
Wrought from years of diligent sculpting
Once having directed a grand flow of water
A natural engineering necessity
Now only host to the here and there
Muddied pools of stagnating lost capability

Accompanying its rocky depths around a bend
Soon, the bridge a favorite resting spot
To lean and peer at the life promising fork
Feeding the once mighty ancestor its
Sparkling presence rescuing lost glory
From a sluggish demise, merging
Joyfully in a chuckling waterfall
Trees straining in reflection leaves applauding
The propinquous scene offering hopeful belief
Life does not end it simply holds on waiting
Until a fortuitous offer around the next corner
Gives resurrection to the journey

A Passing Thought

I forget in the shower
The hot water calming my fears
Dissolving the accumulated grit
The water chills, and
My son’s recorder
Playing beyond the door, ajar
Reminds me of the life
I have no memory of choosing
A well I fell into looking for water
A child pretending to be a mom
A girl pretending to be a lover
Take care of me she pleads
Someone make it all better
At least lower a bucket
And I’ll pull myself out


Eat your vegetables, you won’t grow big and strong
(Mary Mother of God keep him healthy)
Wear a coat and a hat, you’ll get pneumonia
(Mary Mother of God keep him healthy)
Brush those teeth, you’ll thank me someday
(Mary Mother of God keep him healthy)
Wash your hands, you don’t know how many people touched that
(Mary Mother of God keep him healthy)
Chew your food, you’re gonna choke
(Mary Mother of God keep him healthy)

Hold onto the railing, you’ll fall down the stairs
(Mary Mother of God keep him safe)
Don’t run in the house, you’ll knock your teeth out
(Mary Mother of God keep him safe)
Wear a helmet, you’ll crack your head open
(Mary Mother of God keep him safe)
Look both ways and don’t play in the street, you’ll get hit by a car
(Mary Mother of God keep him safe)
Wear your seatbelt, you’ll fly through the windshield
(Mary Mother of God keep him safe)

Tell the bully to stop, you’ll never feel good about yourself
(Mary Mother of God protect him)
Don’t play that video game, you’ll become violent
(Mary Mother of God protect him)
Say no if a friend offers you drugs, you’ll become a drug addict
(Mary Mother of God protect him)
Don’t talk to strangers, you’ll get taken from me and who knows what
(Mary Mother of God protect him)
If a gunman comes into your classroom?
Mary Mother of God where are you?