We like to say someday I will do this or that
I said last evening immediately before falling
Into a dreamy sleep, to the love of my life
Someday, maybe tomorrow while on my walk
I will leave a message on the doorstep of
That kind lady down the street with the yard
Full of flowers and humming bird feeders
Nothing like you think a message should look
I will bake it as three layers, rich, dark, chocolate
Frosted in creamy waves of silky ebony sweetness
Not a birthday message, simply a message of thought
Left in a white box with a bright blue ribbon, delivered
With only the note…You are special and appreciated
Each one is special, some not knowing this truth
As well as others, while others know it not at all
Good day or a bad day everyone should know
They are appreciated for the beauty they bring
To those of us who don’t grow flowers so well
And forget to fill our bird feeders and quietly
Rely on the kind people with the lovely yards
That make a morning’s walk a tour of grace
Today, not tomorrow, should always be that someday

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