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The Unkindness of Strangers

For Jerseygal

Garbled words spoken, throat catching
On misspoken promises, the cracks
Splitting depths of belief into memory’s keep
Valued treasure well hidden in a soul
Awaiting discovery under starfish, the corral
Fragile in its protection withstanding
A stranger’s words of unkindness
Exhausted by an onslaught, the unknown
Sources which cannot be quieted as
Wave after wave their chorus plays
In a mind untrained to appreciate its own
Solo, whispering a prayer to the sea

Lovely Limitations

Label reads
Trusting the seller
A message so clearly
Intent on creating calm
Belief in goodness
No harm will befall
Promises of faith
Love always,
From beloved mouths
Years later discovering
A stranger’s declaration
Has value in truth
No more, no less than
The someone
Once thought
Would only part
Upon death
Words and deeds
Truths at an outset
Will give rise to
Painful expectations
And perspective’s


In thinking of New Year’s resolutions and how each year is a chance that hope provides to be better and to do better, my first thought was forgiveness. If I decide to be resolute in a certain effort for the new year, then wouldn’t it benefit the effort if first one forgave all the past lapses in efforts prior to moving forward.

Initially, in my head, I thought of the awe of one forgiving another and how difficult it can be. The family who loses a child due to any number of thoughtless or unintended reasons would seem to be the most awe inspiring. But what about the smaller things that hinder our relationships with self and with others? That is what I personally plan to work on this year. Happy New Year!

Wounds not intended
Hurts causing shame
Large indiscretions
Mistakes to be tamed

Request or acceptance
Eraser of debts
Cures all resentment
Peace you will get

Promises broken
Injuries laid bare
Hurt paths forgotten
Injustices made fair

Hearts joined together
Three simple words
Say them or give them
Love’s great reward