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An Evening at a Small Town Art Museum

Art hangs on its walls, so
An assumption of superiority
Upon simple entry-taken.

A pretend facade, bas relief
Precisely to protect
Against the label-simple.

Provencial town
Common exposure lacking
Self congratulated experts-abundant.

Tonight unnoteworthy
In any regard
My trio awkward in its composition-waits.

Females voices from behind
Desperate to quiet the silence
Spew forth unattended thoughts-perceptions

The best concert ever, for sure, John Mayer
This unaware aware subject of appraisal
Like most artists when judged-something.

Nosebleed seats but his voice, like butter
I hear he’s a terrible boyfriend, though
And not a good person, another adds-tough.

This crowd, and most others left to wait
Allows full reign to provide beyond
More than a take it or leave it-strange.

A voice like butter
She makes no note of his blues
Just his lack of skill in-love.

The night’s speakers begin
One after another, then eight more
Only one leaves me to ponder-anything.

The scheduled prose proved unmemorable
Escape quickly to avoid
Facing her, or anyone else-flee.

From my own desire to point
This fool’s game of opinions
Precisely mingled-fear.

The artist who resides in each
When left to languish
More easily destroys-unjustified.

And dripping of butter and the blues
Counts as nothing
When they hang out to dry another-defenseless.

The Scale Only Measures in Numbers

So many scales you effortlessly hold which cannot
Balance a heart cloaked from justice’s kindness
The measuring and describing in resentful alacrity
The painful experience genetically shielded were you
Giving no credence to a stranger’s feelings,
And the rolling number she sees each morning
Feeling internal disgust with every morsel
And the looks to match of a thousand scolding
Eyes with acid voices everywhere she must go

Daylight Saving’s Time

20131103_065838There are Sundays, when late afternoon
I make a review of how the past week’s time
Has disappeared, even today with
The extra hour gifted from daylight saving’s time
And no groceries have been purchased
Except milk, eggs, cinnamon, garlic
Which were needed for dishes that
Were required for respectful admittance
Into a potluck or a school function
I remark to myself in a form of self acceptance
That I am not inspired to cook anything
On this too gorgeous of a day to do much but
Admire the leaves which normal poets
Would observe eloquently in portrayals of death and rebirth
And how their cascading spirals into Mother Earth’s
Waiting palms is proof their existence passing downward
Is not simply a suicidal drop that is forgotten, but
Will be nourishment for her splendor in spring
But I, oddly, only think there is nothing
I want to prepare for my family to eat
Except maybe grilled cheese whose golden crunch
Will comfort me with its simplicity as dipping it into
Possibly tomato soup whose steam will warm my cheeks
In perfect enjoyment that nothing of note was accomplished
With the extra hour that will be owed to spring

Autumn Leaves

possibilitiesThe two of us, she, blonde and blue
I, brown on brown, a substantial overbite
Little girls smiling from the tree limbs
Always happy to be together, despite differences
Her parents adored her, me I was invisible
In a home with boys and too many
Other things to be worrying about
Always something to do
She would ask outside or in
With a shrug of shoulders from me
The decision was hers
Imaginations taking a heap of autumn leaves
Designing a house of invisible walls
Doorways respected with each new
Idea for what the crunchy medium
Could provide us as substitutions
Pillows, tables, and bed outlines
Outside home in the neighbor’s backyard,
Taken for granted acreage, squatters
This first relationship based on choice
Sometimes needing to feel wanted
Accepted, enjoyed; not just an obligation
She, filling my wish for a mother or sister who cared
Simultaneously remaining even when the walls
Of our house disappeared with the wind


There, look closely behind, the smile
Tightly held at the corners, the mouth
Where a gleeful self hug sits, the repose
Keeping watch to benefit only, the struggle
Anticipation shadowing patience, the turmoil
Continues undiscovered in misery, the companion
Silent membership to undisclosed power, the secret
Desiring a place of acceptance too improbable, the damage
Born of intention then carefully nurtured, the deceit
Flowing effortlessly a hypnotized daze, the confusion
Always unaware of truth’s clarity to rescue, the innocent
Emboldened by experience with possibility, the hope
Challenging guile always moving there, beneath, the surface