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Turning a Corner

turning the corner
there they sit
hands on steaming
cream mugs of coffee
at a table immersed
in the amusement
one another’s company

desire exchanged glances
theirs a connection
hearts, souls knit
together, the sharing
time, daily rituals
spoken and unspoken
gently received as given

she smiling storyteller
his head falling back
delighted laughter
as her hand lifts mug
to lips, his eyes dance
amusingly appreciating
that which few have


Wouldn’t you like to be remembered
As a saint not a sinner, he asked
It was something to ponder, I replied
Walking away with the thought
Of my eulogy when health was still
My best pal with no sign of leaving me
Imagining my end as a quick death
Where no one had the chance to
Think of all the awful things I had done
Words unkind that fell from my mouth
The selfish acts, the mean spirited choices
Could I quickly reform myself before
An accident befell me and I died a sinner
Carefully I proceeded home, tailgating no one
Thanking the God of no particular faith
In my desperate attempt to try again
For the winner’s circle, the halo