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Another Day’s Gift

Mediocrity unstoppably thus
Sliding through this life desperate for more
Anticipating discovery that
Has not, will not come
Someday’s promise has left without farewell
Its vacancy a silent earthquaking
Destabilizing a soul’s wish for more
Than comme si comme ca
Blinking good morning to another day
Thought’s purpose anchored in last night’s dream
Belief created in spirit’s whimsy
Gives hope’s effort life


Row upon row these
Grey mossy sentries
Pock marked keepers
In an unemotional
Salute to the dead
The facts listed by
A long ago arduous method
Saving space, time, effort
The chiseler’s tired hand
Chipping a three letter
Wishful farewell, a likely
Homonym that life
Taken away is just that
Severing without care
Exposing the heart’s
Delicate vulnerability
When the attachment to
Another’s soul requires
Acknowledgment of existence
These tired monuments
Leaning like friends
In an effort to hear
A whisper from
The ground below
The only message
To the Dead
More for the Living
Rest In Peace