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Ode to Not Comparing

Loving someone, counting the ways
To the breadth and depth is heavy lifting
When flowers are scarce and cheeks
Lose their rosy sheen, passion’s purpose
Comparing my love for anyone to a delicate
Flower feels way over the top, as does looking
To constellations, the moon, or the sun
Climbing a hill, somedays a mountain, a
Desert others, where tired, lost and worn
My adventure will continue knowing that
Around any corner, up one more footfall
There will be that spot where lush and green
We will meet again and stay for some time
And there will be that moment when looking up
Both in equal measure share union
In a star that twinkles, shooting an oasis of
Brilliance giving us magic’s refreshment
Carrying us through for when having to leave
Our hearts are nourished for the next effort
When neither of us will resemble a flower

Love Story

I can see her so clearly, that lovely red knit hat
Snug over that gorgeously long full brown hair, the eyes
I studied them, their aloof cool smarty pants flirting
With the brooding wealthy kid who easily had it all
I remember it seemed endlessly winter, or cold
It was always vaporous breaths, shivers in sweaters
I mistakenly believed the romance of weather
She said, love means never having to say you’re sorry
I whispered this out loud in unsuccessful efforts
To understand true love from beauty’s advantaged view
I thought that love meant you couldn’t do anything wrong
That my other would magically enter my life
I expected cold and the wearing of Irish knit
No apologies need cross our lips for feelings hurt
I would have compassion, as would he, for all errors
Of daily weakness, inconsiderations, and faults
I found not this perfected cinematic love,
Where there are collegially played scenes throwing snowballs
I have learned that we all transgress from love’s intention
There has been no Irish knit protecting from those chills
I know that death is not pretty or white like portrayed
Sad my wishing, striving for complete understanding
I have asked to be forgiven and so have they…with pleases

Remembered Heartbreak

Heartbreak has no words, just the silent gasps
Of breath filled efforts, pain that will not lapse
The taking of my hand, leading me to places
Never seen nor ever to see in another’s face
Startled waking, your callous disregard
Coolness of words used so not to afford
Value in feelings assumed to have shared
Mingling at passion’s door, should not have dared
One must choose remnants left there on the ground
Claw not at what could have beens
Pick up memories, twist away, take leave
Journey to the next and never be bound
In singleminded aloneness now free

Nothing Special

It is strange
Weird even
For a time
To have been
This point of
In your day
A bridge you
Hoped to cross
To find love
Somehow in
Conjunction’s kiss
Half of us
Wanting more
Always that
Until time
Reminds one
It is time
Now to leave
In a bleak
Contrast to
Beginnings that
Gave promise
Of never
To be left
Alone there
Center stage
Memory’s glance
Back at her
You of scenes
That you will
Never miss
Nothing special

All or Nothing

To have it all
When all cannot
Be defined in
Human terms of

We search for more
Here, there, elsewhere
Attempting to

The loveliness
That was first found
Simply having
Part of the whole
Still mystery

In not knowing
Not feeling each
And every
Bit of what could
Be possible

To be nothing
Easier said
Than to be done
Existence proves
You were something

Even if now
You have left me
Alone, quiet
You are something