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My cousin, 7, said the Easter bunny was a hoax
What is a hoax I wondered, a giant rabbit maybe

The boy behind me in the 2nd grade passed a note
It read, Only babies believe in Santa Claus, do you?

My brother, 11, said the tooth fairy didn’t lose her way
She may come tonight, he scoffed, but she isn’t real

Each time these truths were forced upon my ears
I grew up and was uncomfortable in my little girl heart

That little girl’s heart didn’t disappear for good, it lay
In wait to give what it could in the way of magic

Tucking secret presents under a tree, hiding candy filled
baskets, stealthily placing quarters under sleeping heads

Even if sometimes the magic isn’t what was expected
Maybe wasn’t quite the first choice, or even the second

Sometimes what isn’t real, those fairy dust creations
Make the uglier truths just a bit easier to bare, for both

If you tell me they are hoaxes, unreal, and only for babies
I will understand with my big girl brain that knows the truth

But my heart, beating as an aunt, and now as a mom
Will say those who don’t believe, don’t ever truly receive

A Holiday Walk

I follow the dried up creek bed
While heading to my usual place of pause
It is worn, almost forgotten,
Except for the teetering old four by four
Precariously hoisted across it I imagine
By a threesome of adventurous boys
This tired limestone slab stairway
Wrought from years of diligent sculpting
Once having directed a grand flow of water
A natural engineering necessity
Now only host to the here and there
Muddied pools of stagnating lost capability

Accompanying its rocky depths around a bend
Soon, the bridge a favorite resting spot
To lean and peer at the life promising fork
Feeding the once mighty ancestor its
Sparkling presence rescuing lost glory
From a sluggish demise, merging
Joyfully in a chuckling waterfall
Trees straining in reflection leaves applauding
The propinquous scene offering hopeful belief
Life does not end it simply holds on waiting
Until a fortuitous offer around the next corner
Gives resurrection to the journey

The Wish List

Dear Santa
i am 8 and
all i want is a sister
someone to giggle with
someone to fight with
fair and square
i love my brothers
but they tickle til
i cry and play dirty
plus they hate my
doll and when i play
the violin they make
fun of me so i don’t
want to practice even
when mom scolds me
if i don’t.
and they say i have
cooties and that
i smell
i don’t think
i smell santa
i know it won’t be
perfect with a sister
but i’d sure like to try
i know i keep asking
santa every year but i
just thought i’d ask one
more time
pretty please Santa
i think i will need her
when i get old and i
need someone who never
forgets me even when
i’m dumb
who calls me just to say
hey, got time to talk?
i’ll always say yes
even when she’s
kinda dumb
which won’t be
a lot. i will talk
to her even if
i was just going
out the door
just think about it Santa
and if you cant
could you get someone
to borrow one
of these dumb
brothers of mine


Child number 58
Girl, age 7, sweatshirt
Loves the Lakers
Frog and Toad books

Child number 56
Boy, age 11 socks
Would like a CD player
With an alarm clock

Gifts bought by strangers
God, let them never know
It wasn’t mom, dad, or Santa
Still, love found those gifts

Did they write a list
And tack it to the fridge
Like my children do
A billboard of dreams

My children don’t ask
for socks, books, or sweats
They expect big ticket
Desires of want not need

Child, number 1
Just love, he asked
Gold, frankincense, myrrh
From kings no less

Strange, life still
imitating a two thousand
Year old story
What Child is this?