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Ode to Not Comparing

Loving someone, counting the ways
To the breadth and depth is heavy lifting
When flowers are scarce and cheeks
Lose their rosy sheen, passion’s purpose
Comparing my love for anyone to a delicate
Flower feels way over the top, as does looking
To constellations, the moon, or the sun
Climbing a hill, somedays a mountain, a
Desert others, where tired, lost and worn
My adventure will continue knowing that
Around any corner, up one more footfall
There will be that spot where lush and green
We will meet again and stay for some time
And there will be that moment when looking up
Both in equal measure share union
In a star that twinkles, shooting an oasis of
Brilliance giving us magic’s refreshment
Carrying us through for when having to leave
Our hearts are nourished for the next effort
When neither of us will resemble a flower

Lovely Limitations

Label reads
Trusting the seller
A message so clearly
Intent on creating calm
Belief in goodness
No harm will befall
Promises of faith
Love always,
From beloved mouths
Years later discovering
A stranger’s declaration
Has value in truth
No more, no less than
The someone
Once thought
Would only part
Upon death
Words and deeds
Truths at an outset
Will give rise to
Painful expectations
And perspective’s


Midwestern moist heat
Heavy, unrelenting
Lacking moderation
Dry, brittle grass
Yellow in its death
He, ashen in his
Calling me by name
One last time
Would he be ok
Scared, spooked
My yes answer
Belied the truth
A forty year habit
Had squeezed out
All beating and
Capability for life
The door, wooden,
75 years on hinges
Sturdy, stubborn
Oppressive humidity
Halting the key’s
Turn in the lock
Jammed, unwilling
Like his heart
Attempting entry
Standing in that
Startling brightness
August sun
Challenging surrender
A quarter century gone
Still I remember
That brass handle and
My letting go