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The Appearance of Fragile

Say fragile, softly on my ear;
With care and lovely delicacy
A glimpse of Robin’s egg blue
Nested in the fine and discarded
Twigs, grasses, bits of trash
Formed into a womb under
The eave or leafy branch

Hear fragile gently from lips
In kindness and due regard
The thought of blown glass
Twirling patterns of light
Dangling as ornaments
Snowflakes and stars
Amongst the boughs of fir

Feel fragile gracefully placed
Through the airy light waves
A memory of a feather’s touch
Light graze upon the skin
Gliding into almost tickles
Chills and holding a breath
Under night’s downy cover

Know fragile, moving in firm belief
A house of cards deck upon deck
The spiders web touched in
Morning’s dew stretched taut
The heart waiting for her love’s return
Will not break when irreverent
Only disregard he shows

The Summer Treat

There’s sweat above my lip
That drips upon my tongue
My hair is sticking to my skin
And everything feels undone

My mom said to turn off TV
But what else can we do
The neighbors pool is fenced and locked
They fled to look for cool

I cannot play outside for long
Without melting in this heat
Shade from our tree is taken
By Great Aunt Bernadette

She sits and waves her fan
Back and forth before her face
She gave us candy in a bag
From a very special place

The heat and the humidity
I am truly sad to say
Made one gigantic glob of it
That we had to throw away

I cannot even go barefoot
Into our box of sand
It burns between my toes
And clings where I can’t stand

Dad said that after dinner
We would visit our favorite shop
Til then I will simply have to dream
Of how great it will be to stop

And look at all those flavors
In line waiting for our treats
With all the people just like me
On ice-cream soon will feast