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A Wish

If I wish really hard for something
Squinched up eyes shut in a whisper
Over and over sandwhiched between
Please oh please, God, pretty please
Wishing til’ it hurts. Will it work this time?

Mama says that life ain’t fair and no
Amount of silent hoping is gonna change
That wishes are just a bunch of tossed up
Dreams to God and he can only say yes
To so many. But if my heart’s in the right place?

Maybe last time I forgot to close my eyes, and
I didn’t capitalize God’s name in my thoughts
Or God is a lady and she’s mad I’ve been
Calling her father, But if God’s as nice as the priest
Says on Sundays, should all that matter?

I think that if God is a girl, like me, she’d
Understand better that my mama needs
My daddy to come back home now
That mamas need smiles on their faces
And if my wish gets a yes, I promise
I won’t ever ask for another thing, ever

I Had a Bad Dream

What is a dream anyway?
A tale, a wish, a fear
Thoughts to fall asleep with
Something to wake up from
Conscious hopes carried
Into a supposed safe slumber
Our own cinematic scenes of
Scary, exciting, foreboding
Dreams becoming nightmares
Fleeing a wakeful unknown
Until sliding to a precipice’s edge
Some familiar cliff, alone
Over and over, the sharp echoes
Warning, granite’s dangerous contour
Nudging from fitful slumber to an
Open-eyed sweating confusion
Fearful stillness, blanketed
In darkness, only a fluorescent
Green glow signaling the safety
Of the soon to be dawn, details
Fading thankfully with the day


Child number 58
Girl, age 7, sweatshirt
Loves the Lakers
Frog and Toad books

Child number 56
Boy, age 11 socks
Would like a CD player
With an alarm clock

Gifts bought by strangers
God, let them never know
It wasn’t mom, dad, or Santa
Still, love found those gifts

Did they write a list
And tack it to the fridge
Like my children do
A billboard of dreams

My children don’t ask
for socks, books, or sweats
They expect big ticket
Desires of want not need

Child, number 1
Just love, he asked
Gold, frankincense, myrrh
From kings no less

Strange, life still
imitating a two thousand
Year old story
What Child is this?