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Remembered Heartbreak

Heartbreak has no words, just the silent gasps
Of breath filled efforts, pain that will not lapse
The taking of my hand, leading me to places
Never seen nor ever to see in another’s face
Startled waking, your callous disregard
Coolness of words used so not to afford
Value in feelings assumed to have shared
Mingling at passion’s door, should not have dared
One must choose remnants left there on the ground
Claw not at what could have beens
Pick up memories, twist away, take leave
Journey to the next and never be bound
In singleminded aloneness now free

Love or Money

On the radio, there is this constant talk of Kim Kardashian being pregnant by one man while being married to another. I asked a friend why she was still married to the other man, and the friend explained that Kim wouldn’t agree that the marriage was a publicity stunt for money, so the divorce is stalled. This poem is not intended to be about Kim Kardashian or anyone in particular, but I started thinking about all the reasons people get married. Money was historically a very good and respectable reason for marrying. It probably always will be. I do find it interesting that a woman marrying for money appears more acceptable than the reverse, so that was the only reason for the pronoun choices in the little rhyme below.

If you marry for money
Does it soon become clear
That life is much better
Drinking wine than just beer

Do you suddenly feel
The importance of self
That comes from the knowing
You have tangible wealth

How does it feel
This lacking of passion
When nothing else mattered
But how you could cash in

When your face gets all wrinkly
And your body sags down
Should he remember
He is solemnly bound

To love you despite
What you failed to see
That he has a heart
He gave you for free