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Wouldn’t you like to be remembered
As a saint not a sinner, he asked
It was something to ponder, I replied
Walking away with the thought
Of my eulogy when health was still
My best pal with no sign of leaving me
Imagining my end as a quick death
Where no one had the chance to
Think of all the awful things I had done
Words unkind that fell from my mouth
The selfish acts, the mean spirited choices
Could I quickly reform myself before
An accident befell me and I died a sinner
Carefully I proceeded home, tailgating no one
Thanking the God of no particular faith
In my desperate attempt to try again
For the winner’s circle, the halo

The Unkindness of Strangers

For Jerseygal

Garbled words spoken, throat catching
On misspoken promises, the cracks
Splitting depths of belief into memory’s keep
Valued treasure well hidden in a soul
Awaiting discovery under starfish, the corral
Fragile in its protection withstanding
A stranger’s words of unkindness
Exhausted by an onslaught, the unknown
Sources which cannot be quieted as
Wave after wave their chorus plays
In a mind untrained to appreciate its own
Solo, whispering a prayer to the sea

Ode to Not Comparing

Loving someone, counting the ways
To the breadth and depth is heavy lifting
When flowers are scarce and cheeks
Lose their rosy sheen, passion’s purpose
Comparing my love for anyone to a delicate
Flower feels way over the top, as does looking
To constellations, the moon, or the sun
Climbing a hill, somedays a mountain, a
Desert others, where tired, lost and worn
My adventure will continue knowing that
Around any corner, up one more footfall
There will be that spot where lush and green
We will meet again and stay for some time
And there will be that moment when looking up
Both in equal measure share union
In a star that twinkles, shooting an oasis of
Brilliance giving us magic’s refreshment
Carrying us through for when having to leave
Our hearts are nourished for the next effort
When neither of us will resemble a flower