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Thirteen’s Reunion

The table flooded in picnic food
Unnecessary to choose wisely
At this meal unified in shared
Genetics, a history of salads,
Modernized now in feta, bulgar
Fusilli pasta, plates holding
Just desserts, tiny fingers
Delicately pudgified holding
Cookies, and rolls that drop
Onto the ground, hesitating
In worry if anyone saw, safety
All around hugging each child
These new cousins for the day

Where is the aunt keeping
Track of the minutes, the collective
Allowed to catapult back into the
Pool giggling, dunking under
The rope tempting the deep end
Hours together joyful, uncles
Playing cards, sisters sharing
Tidbits about people whose
Names familiar but without
Meaning to young ears, bring
Snorts of laughter all around the
Pool’s edge, sadness then having no
Place to rest its desperate head

Now, easy entertainment still
In a deck of cards, a swing
A water tap where bright balloons
Soon discarded for easily filled
Solo cups dumped onto the
Closest target in mischievous giggles
The pool exchanged grudgingly
For a ball field, the audience smaller
Bleachers instead of deck chairs
Pigtailed heads still intent on
Tiny bubbles blown whether from
Yellow, orange or blue bottles
Still a happy song memory of a Rose

Descendants of thirteen
Gathering to share laughs, love
Invisible heart strings revisited
The noticed absence for each
Missing member of this
Group where the finally to arrive
Was always greeted with an
Hooray at last to seal the deal
Those giants of our childhood
Imprinted on grateful hearts
That forever want one more view of
Chocolate chip cookies perfectly
Lined up in a baker’s dozen

Beware The Ides of March

Babe was a guy who owned a big tavern against a giant rock bluff in a town across the river from us
Dad took me there a few times, going over the bridge, sunshine becoming a foreign intruder when we opened the door to leave
My dad worked on the side bar-tending for Babe, that extra money probably a necessity for his family of seven with one on the way
Being only 4, I didn’t understand why this grown man was called Babe,
and I asked this man behind the big oval bar
He always gave me a kiddie cocktail, which sounded like kitty to me and I didn’t understand that either, he chuckled as I
Enjoyed the deliciousness of that red with the cherries and the orange slice on the teeny tiny colored sword that balanced across the top
On my tenth birthday my mom was still in the hospital with something they were calling high blood pressure
My dad took me to a supper club, just the two of us on a school night, and Babe was there
He joked around with my dad and laughed that my favorite meal was a bacon and American cheese melted on toast
Babe always seemed to be laughing, and as he left he said to my dad, “Beware the Ides of March with that one huh, Buck?”
I never seemed to get Babe’s jokes, so Dad explained that some guy named Caesar’s murder was predicted to happen on March 15th
Ides means middle, Dad said, and so some fortune teller told Caesar to beware the Ides of March
The fortune teller was right, and Caesar’s good friend Brutus helped to kill Caesar on March 15th
Babe was just being funny dad said, no one was going to kill me. Babe just likes to joke around
Being with dad, his only daughter, out where people always put a smile on their faces when they talked to him, was special
My Dad taking me to a restaurant all by myself on my birthday with my five brothers eating who knows what, at home, and Babe joking around
One of the best moments ever!
Even though I didn’t understand much of the joking, everyone was laughing, and it was my birthday
And I wasn’t so scared then that my mom didn’t get to come home for my birthday; like she promised

The Fossil

The Fossil


I noticed it 

            while walking

With my children 


the twisting 

                   bumpy trails

That boys like,





This mother’s mind


On the safe 


Six other feet

She wills

              With a shifting 

But Persistent Gaze

Be careful





                Loose dirt

             Gives warning

     Haste of only 










Again…Be Careful

The view lost in her diligence

             The sunshine 

                     sneaking through

Without invitation, 

no arm 

Holding back the way

Its brilliance

Glinting on a fragment

          Stop a second she suggests



                 A bone, 

Pulling it


Wooly mammoth, giant tortoise, T-Rex, 

Squabbling paused with 

We will be famous, like that Leaky guy from science class

Then a trained eye, wise, reasoned 

It’s just a deer bone, boys…see

His explanation lost as we move on

The youngest 

       pleading to bring it home


Knowing the desire to keep

This day propped
Against his wall

A polished memory

Possibilities in every fossil



D-Man and His Daughter

For a father and his daughter; working together -Programmer and Designer.
Sorry DM…no rhymes!

A violin playing gentle man
Appearing gruff, hesitant
Fluorescent yellow soda
caffeine, in hand, making
Nicotine circles looking
To the west for a change
In the weather, always a chuckle

A daughter lovely indeed
Her angel wings
Invisible to the naked eye
Quiet rescue abundantly given
Sometimes requested,
Sometimes simply a gift
Our Two lucky charms

Perfect sense they
Parent and child
Unspoken pride seen
In the crooked smile
Upon reference
To the other
Understood affection

Designers of dreams
Colors images and codes
Talents shared to
Provide experiences
Magic not understood
Fixing, creating
Appreciating both, always

Love Demonstrated

No one loves you
If your mother never did
She may have felt love
for you
But if she didn’t show it
How could you have known

Lacking pride and pose
In its demonstration
from birth onward
A heart struggles to
Support a soul
Lost and wandering

No one loves you
If your mother never did
They may feel love
For you
But if they don’t show it
You won’t know

Missing an anchor
On which to settle
The words I love you
Tickle a heart’s belief
Then slowly float away
Hoping for recapture