Hope in Cleaning a Refrigerator

There are other tasks
I would rather do than
Clean this fridge of its
Sticky old juices and
Slimy stuck on messes
Lids lifted to odors
Disconcerting my nose
The crevices, drawers
Shelves of outdated
Condiments, jellies and
Sauces hardly used
Except for that one
Recipe from Gourmet
I thought would prove
My fabulous culinary
Skills but which only
Took too long, cost
Too much and was
Left on plates pushed
Away by little boys
Whose sensibility lies
In a crispy grilled cheese
Or bread slathered in
Peanut-butter and Nutella
The process of tossing
Scrubbing, rearranging
Gives life to a fresh start
Outlook on everything else
Of endless possibilities
If knuckles to the
Grindstone, committed in
Thought and effort
I wipe the slate clean
And start all over again

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