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Anxious in the Knowing

Speed, danger, roughhousing
Wrist, thumb, leg, foot, shoulder
The injury of the month club

Stair running, bed jumping
Skiing, zip-lining down across
Hills, tumbling through woods

Never ending careening
Hopping on wheels, by foot,
Flipping, skidding, jolting

For them thrills, excitement
Fears addressed, strength built
Sleep comes soundly, long, deep

Me pleading safety’s sake
Uphill downhill traversing
A path born of great resistance

Life held securely, safe, warm
Forty cushioned weeks, mine
Now each day a toss of dice

Find the balance, the acceptance
With them to be for them until
Time’s breath lashes frolic to stillness

The Skatepark

Calmly observing from this top perch of
Bleachers strewn with water bottles
A random scooter laid to its rusty rest
Boys on skateboards, scooters, trick bikes
Curving, jumping and skidding over ramps
That call out with metal thuds and bangs
In regularity becoming less startling
Enjoying the peace of watching the undisclosed
Keeping track these boys have of each other
They move in and out, brightly colored ribbons
Streaming around, over, past each other, no collisions
Prepared orchestration not required in this movement of boys
Levels of confidence obvious as they motion to watch
The skinny kid, feathered hair flying, as tires rise aloft above
The high end of the steepest ramp,
Heels pushing pedals to contract the body off the seat
A bird in flight turning in midair
Lifting tire to the sky in backward salute to the sun,
Steep descent to a forward landing bouncing pirouette
Momentary balancing pause, then
Proceeding in effortless direction across the concrete park
His almost unseen sideways glance to his audience
Minimal evidence he cares there is witness to his grace and ease