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My Sad Friend

I am alone, I am fine
What I like and when
Though please
Don’t remind me
Of this perpetual state
That whirls and swirls
Within my head
Extension to my heart
This bitter pill to
Swallow waiting for
One of us to finally
Give up, and leave
Committing hope
For a final peace
That alone apart
Makes greater sense
Than this together alone

A Holiday Walk

I follow the dried up creek bed
While heading to my usual place of pause
It is worn, almost forgotten,
Except for the teetering old four by four
Precariously hoisted across it I imagine
By a threesome of adventurous boys
This tired limestone slab stairway
Wrought from years of diligent sculpting
Once having directed a grand flow of water
A natural engineering necessity
Now only host to the here and there
Muddied pools of stagnating lost capability

Accompanying its rocky depths around a bend
Soon, the bridge a favorite resting spot
To lean and peer at the life promising fork
Feeding the once mighty ancestor its
Sparkling presence rescuing lost glory
From a sluggish demise, merging
Joyfully in a chuckling waterfall
Trees straining in reflection leaves applauding
The propinquous scene offering hopeful belief
Life does not end it simply holds on waiting
Until a fortuitous offer around the next corner
Gives resurrection to the journey

Absence of Affection

Unpromised affection
Physical touch apart
From bedtime or goodbye
Yearning for hands to slide
Around me while doing
An ordinary chore
Transforming the mundane
Loveliness now defined
A breathless connection
Keeping us together
In rooms or miles away
Memory lending peace
To the dreams unfulfilled
Merely In the giving
Of an unexpected
Thoughtful caress by you
Unmanaged and unplanned
Desire, passion, need
Compelling your gesture
In this moment doing dishes