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Alone at a Conference Is Irony

Enter boldly the big room
Round tables of eight
One, just a single, no group
Nonchalantly searching
For a spot to discretely
Unnoticeably slide
Into a chair that appears
Unsaved by someone’s
Colleague, maybe their
Friend, who is running
Late and there will be
No hand that flattens
Onto the seat of this
Uncomfortable chair
While the voice indicates
This is taken, eye
Contact avoided by
Me, but she will mean
business and will pierce
My sideways gaze in
Protection of the spot
She has reserved for
Someone whose eyes
She knows by heart

My Best Friend

My best friend and I laughing
We were seven maybe eight
My mom said the sound of it
Was like marbles falling off the table
That made us laugh harder
When there was nothing to laugh at
We would stare at each other
And force out laughter
Until again the marbles cascaded
In our giddy together song
I keep a supply of that memory
Stored safely in my heart
Like a favorite cologne in a fancy
Atomizer I spray around the room
When days get dreary
A light mist reminding me
There is a person
My best friend
Who can make laughter with me
Out of a simple desire for joy
We had no way to know
The wisdom in our easy effort
Between friends, the best kind
For 45 years, no blood or license
To bind us, just the marbles
Falling over the tabletop