The Night He Said I Was Not the Love of His Life

I’m sad I didn’t mean more to you
I’m sad I ever thought I did
I’m sad you saw me as a game to be played
I’m sad I am not the wonderful girl you couldn’t live without

You were not respectful of my being
You will not be demonized, so you can get off responsibilities hook
You were perfectly capable of doing that yourself, but
You chose me as unworthy of meriting attention

I am lost in the sadness of having believed you were true

This isn’t about hating you or being jealous
That ego unchecked could not listen to its own incorrectness
The sharpness of the wrongness of you is unbearably distinct
The need to surround yourself with only the fantastic has left me
To scramble for crumbs that brought no relief to this stomach’s pit

You will be fine, You always are
I will move on and be fine too
I will get over thinking you are a complete waste of a soul
Soon my head not caring if you are alive or dead
Always my heart will miss the jagged piece of me you stole

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