The Cardinals

Two of them, bright red, clicking incessantly
Singing like guys on a corner as beauty passes
In a skirt and high heels, ignoring the notice
This female flys from her branch to the ground
Playing hard to get or maybe just bored with
The game, the silliness of deciding between what?
One’s regal red adornment or the other’s loud song
Choices, she must be thinking, it’s all about the choices
Does she really have a choice, and if she does, is she
Aware it is her choice? Or do the brilliant red feathers
The lovely whistled song make her forget she should
Stay an equal partner? It isn’t easy laying the eggs and
Sitting in a nest while he goes to get food, he may
Find another who suits him better while she waits in
That nest, on those eggs, and it just seemed like it would
Be fun back when she was being chased, pressured
To decide between freedom and trusting one of them

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