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The Drive to Work

On the highway that climbs then turns
In the spot where there is a smattering
Of flowered covered crosses marking
Anonymous undisclosed losses as we
Daily streak past, reminders it can all
End now, today, tomorrow our life
Becoming a tilted marker anchoring
Plastic flowers, faded photos, messages
She was loved and will be greatly missed

The eighteen wheeler barrels past
Seemingly seconds behind a pick up
Truck who mistakenly believes the left lane
Is for those who follow the rules, follow
The limits of the designated speed on this
Curve, this stretch of highway where
Strangers die, where we remind ourselves
This is the spot where everyone is killed
Where that pick-up is pressing its luck

The truck must see the semi daring it to
Get going, go faster, move aside, it must feel
All those wheels inching precariously close
Suspended in time those gaudy crosses
Hopeful warnings that life can move too fast
The pressure to get out of the way lost on that
Pick-up truck with a driver who someone loves
Whose plans wait at the end of the road, not at the
Side, only to be an accusation from the dead


Today is my niece’s birthday
Much loved and well thought of
Tomorrow, her new age officially
Will roll across her tongue proud
In slight departure from youth
Creating a cheek to cheek smile
A week later, this step up the
Numerical ladder will make her
Pause remembering the fun
The celebration and joy attained
With this shiny new pinnacle

She can no longer use
A visual jazz hands to
Display her decade of youth
She is eleven now, this requires
Pause, thought, reflection for her
More for all of us, fondly
Knowing she will continue
Creating laughter, love, and
Even sometimes frustration
Becoming who she wants to be
Ten lovely years chasing behind