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The Joy Changes

My sweet coworker
Visiting my desk, relief
From task filled thoughts
Joy apparent in the familiar
Circular caress of comfort
As she shares her delight
In what she cannot fully
Appreciate nor comprehend; yet
Memory providing in
Easy recollection, my own
Nine month sabbaticals
From loneliness
Joy, ceaseless wonder
Perfected companionship
Reveling each change
Every miraculous movement
Then a familiar interruption
My youngest, calling from home
His frustration evident, crying
His schoolwork is so hard
I will be home in an hour
We will figure it out together
His angry indictment
You always have to work late
He hangs up first and I hold
The receiver silently, hesitating
In momentary consideration
Suddenly, instinctively
My coat and gloves on
Leaving an every day list
Without all expectations
Crossed off in evidence
Of unseen accomplishment
Arriving home in time for
His singing like Pavarotti
To a steamed up mirror