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Tackle and Tool Boxes Don’t Come with Instructions

Fathers are quieter in their love, committed
No less so than mothers, more so some days
Responsible often for lawns, and repairs
Sometimes better in the kitchen and laundry
Having loved or still loving the mothers
Who more than likely get and take special
Credit for doing more, caring more deeply
It is not truth that anatomy and physiology
Is a bequeather of parenthood, nor is it less male
Than female. Accepting daily responsibilities
For unglamorous, unnoticed, unappreciated
Chores and love’s daily laborious considerations
The being there, anchoring, when things fall apart as often
As when life hands a child tiny as well as large successes
The dads who take care of me and now my children
Value not being late and watch time’s precautions
The dads I know and love always seem to know
The details of a toolbox, a tackle box and take
Seriously the instructions for putting countless
Gadgets together, the nuts and bolts that
Keep it all solidly together and never act concerned
When there are one or two screws remaining
Silently putting them away for safe keeping