Autumn Leaves

possibilitiesThe two of us, she, blonde and blue
I, brown on brown, a substantial overbite
Little girls smiling from the tree limbs
Always happy to be together, despite differences
Her parents adored her, me I was invisible
In a home with boys and too many
Other things to be worrying about
Always something to do
She would ask outside or in
With a shrug of shoulders from me
The decision was hers
Imaginations taking a heap of autumn leaves
Designing a house of invisible walls
Doorways respected with each new
Idea for what the crunchy medium
Could provide us as substitutions
Pillows, tables, and bed outlines
Outside home in the neighbor’s backyard,
Taken for granted acreage, squatters
This first relationship based on choice
Sometimes needing to feel wanted
Accepted, enjoyed; not just an obligation
She, filling my wish for a mother or sister who cared
Simultaneously remaining even when the walls
Of our house disappeared with the wind

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