Red Rover

Most respected –
By children’s standards – decide fates
Captains of popularity determine
The first, the middle
The dreaded last
Same players, same captains
Selected in a pecking order
No justification required of
Intellectual prowess, hybrids of
Physical-social strength
Repetitive boosts in self esteem
The varied weak left to wait
Unfair amateur appraisals
Whispered negotiations
Lack of an auctioneer’s
Sensitive estimation

Arms eventually link
Legs brace as
The finally chosen
Always, always
Pray. Hope. Wish.
As in a cruel twist
They, now called first,
Must hold or break through
For they can side
Based on effort
Or acting ability

Squinched eyes
Exchanged players
Strategic lines move in
Sometime surprises

Until at last
One stands alone
And must decide
Choose a side
Give in…

Red Rover, Red Rover
Send so and so
Right over

Or bravely begin
Building their line – again


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