The view from below

looking up, always
the view on tiptoes
to reach what is not
mine to have
even on level ground
I stretch to be there
forward, around and
sometimes down below
yet ever present is the
desire to get there,
where you are
even when I
am not wanted
needed for me
just my presence
not ever enough
missing the mark
this spot of lonely
where I am
simply forgotten
the light, the vibration
given no credence
no attention, not
a looksie until
my dreams
overtake me
and you sneak
a peek
maybe I will
answer and fill
the emptiness
of a moment
when you wonder
out of boredom
or unadulterated
curiosity if I
can’t live
without reaching
one more time
for a star that
was not mine
to ever have
reached for
with a chin that
mistakenly was
held high, adoring

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